Parents are the single biggest resource to helping children with feeding disorders

Parent Training

Parent training is an important aspect of feeding disorder treatment in children when it comes to working with the techniques laid out in the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) style. Those who are parents of children with feeding disorders can really help to improve their children's symptoms with this kind of a program. Learning a little more about what goes on with children with feeding disorders can help to avoid triggers in the household and therefore help progress treatment that much faster.

Most people want to know what kinds of things are outlined in parent training for feeding disorders. This isn't a direct therapy programme, but rather a plan that teaches families the skills for promoting good development in their children long after they go home.

These short-term educational opportunities are a great way for families to help their children to develop new skills that are vital for getting over the kinds of challenges that they face with eating disorders.

Addressing problem behaviours in just the right way is important. Learning better ways to deal with episodes that children with feeding disorders might have is often a big step in the direction of ensuring that these behaviours don't keep cropping up. By addressing them in the right way, children won't feel like they're being punished, but rather parents will be empowered to teach them something new and respond in a more understanding fashion when things do happen.

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