Only by having a close relationship with both parents and professionals can we meet the goals we strive for

For Professionals

We here at Learn 2 Learn appreciate and respect the work that all medical professionals do for patients who are currently grappling with eating disorders. Naturally we have to keep all clinical professionals informed about the health and well being of your patient. When a patient is discharged from our program, we will also share all of the necessary paperwork or digital files in order to ensure a seamless transition back in to your care. Any other admissions information will always be at your disposal, and any information you share with us will be in the strictest confidence.

You could consider us a partner working with you to care for your patient. We additionally can provide more information on how to screen patients for these types of disorders before you recommend them for admission to any of these programs.

Your own patients can receive a free confidential assessment from our organization at no cost to either of you.


If you're a medical professional who is considering an eating disorder referral, then you might want to think about a few different issues that might be present in your patient. Patients who have a large level of unexplained weight loss or have lost far more weight than can usually be expected in a given period of time may be grappling with the early stages of an eating disorder.

Not all reasons to consider an eating disorder referral are based on medical metrics. Should you have been fielding concerns from parents or loved ones then you might also want to possibly referring your patient to an eating disorder clinic that's capable of providing the kind of support they need and deserve.


Collaboration can take one of several forms, but the most vital is professional feeding disorder experts collaborating with the parents of children with these disorders. Family members and loved ones are vital to the recovery process. There's no resource that's more important when it comes to treating a feeding disorder.

Family members will receive updates at least once a week, and they can always participate in family programs that feature the professional feeding disorder experts who work as caregivers in the clinic. These are a great opportunity for people to learn more about how their children are progressing in the program, and what sorts of things that they do in it.

Training for Professionals

Learn 2 Learn Eating Disorder Clinic uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in a residential home setting, and is happy to provide training for professionals who want to move into this area of treating children and young people with feeding disorders. ABA techniques are used primarily with those who grapple with challenges from autism and other various types of developmental issues, but it can also be applied very well to help provide therapy for young people with feeding disorders.

Training for this kind of home setting therapy is quite specialized by necessity. Therapy is either carried out in the child or individual's own home. 

Professionals proficient in ABA techniques can provide care for those with feeding disorders who have no other medical or neurological conditions as well as for those who have some other type of developmental condition. Those who have experience treating other conditions often find that this type of therapy is holistic, and therefore can apply their existing skills to home setting therapy for children with eating disorders.

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