We aim to provide an environment that welcomes any child who needs the services we provide


Letting go of an eating disorder is very difficult, and it's difficult to find the will to join an evidence based eating disorder care program. It takes a significant commitment. We want you to know that everyone here at Learn 2 Learn Eating Disorder Clinic is committed to offering you the best eating disorder treatment possible.

You should be applauded just for looking into care. We want to help you to be confident so that you can keep your child’s nutrition and exercise in a healthy balance.

We offer treatments for all different types of eating disorders for children with autism & related conditions and other developmental delays. Our goal is merely to help your child to learn to eat with the flexibility and balance they need.

Our admissions staff can recommend a treatment programme dependent on your child-specific eating disorders and the family budget. Irrespective of what level of care your child might need, we strive to work with both you and your child to meet all of your child’s pressing needs.

Contact Us and Receive a Free Confidential Assessment

Our staff has many years of experience working with evidence based eating disorder care techniques. We always stay up to date with all of the latest practices and stay abreast of the latest research. If you feel that you may be struggling with an eating disorder, then we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Contact us, and our experienced intake team can offer a complimentary confidential pre-assessment at no cost to you. We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity.

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