Admissions Packet

Learn 2 Learn offers confidential and free evaluations either in person or over the telephone before you are admitted. This is an important first step in your child's journey to eating disorder recovery, so please get in touch with us. These assessments can generally get finished in around 48 hours during business days. Prior to admission, you'll have to provide the following packet to an Admissions Consultant:

  • The Admissions Questionnaire 
  • Medical test results including: complete blood count (CBC), magnesium phosphorus, complete metabolic panel (CMP), 12 lead EKG and urinalysis
  •  Results from a physician
  •  Documentation of any known allergies
  •  A growth chart for adolescents

The packet can be submitted as hard copy sheets, but it can also be emailed. Our intake team is made up of professionals who would be happy to help you sort all of these materials out.

When we consider eating disorder admissions, we generally admit:

  • Children with autism and related conditions, and
  • Other developmental delays

who have feeding disorders.

We also admit children who do not have the above conditions but have eating disorders.

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