ABA and Eating Disorders

Feeding disorder treatment in children can take several forms, but our approach is overall very flexible and not limited to any specific strategies. Childhood feeding disorders almost always have an underlying cause, and teaching the proper skills to deal with such a cause is among the most vital aspects of treating the disorder itself. This is why Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is so useful for treating these kinds of issues.

This refers to the application of various principles that come from learning theory in order to change any socially significant behaviours. While this principle could ultimately be applied to any sort of harmful behaviour, this applied form of the science is particularly useful for treating eating disorders. Treating feeding disorders in this way focuses around structured specific behavioral goals that help one to access positive experiences with an associated change in mood.

This approach works because a disturbance in specific eating behaviours is the defining aspect of any feeding disorder. Childhood feeding disorders are no different.

What really makes this approach special is how flexible it is. No single case is like any other, and there are many different variations on how different symptoms manifest. Children and individuals are people, and they should be treated as such. This is what makes these ABA strategies so different from other approaches.

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