ABA Services with Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders Treatment

We provide science-based, best research supported and specialized Eating Disorders Treatment Programmes, based on ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), for children and young people with General Developmental Disorders included the Autism Spectrum.

ABA Therapy and Education

Our services also include ABA Therapy and Education in  Home and/or School settings for children and young people with General Developmental Disorders included the Autism Spectrum. 

Combination of Services

If you are looking for ABA therapy for your child who also needs eating disorder treatment we can provide you with a combination of the following programmes, which are:

  1. Eating Disorders Treatment Programmes
  2. ABA Therapy and Education Programmes

Our other clinic, The Learn 2 Learn ABA Therapy and Education Clinic is an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) service provider for children and young adults with autism & related conditions and other developmental disabilities / delays including learning difficulties, comprehensive skill deficiencies and linguistic difficulties.

The Clinic provides science-based, effective and affordable ABA therapy and education at home and /or in schools to teach:

  • academic,
  • receptive and expressive language,
  • self-help,
  • social, communication,
  • employment and life skills.

For more information please visit our ABA Therapy and Education Clinic’s website: www.learn2learnclinic.org

In addition to behavioural consultation and ABA services, we give dedicated family support which involves liaison with relevant professionals / organisations on families’ behalf and reducing the implications of the child’s autism on family life. Some of these family services are free of charge.

We are successfully running cases across the UK. Our clients include families, individuals, schools and local authorities.

Our services are affordable. Give our consultants a call just for an informal, no obligation conversation to see how we can help.

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