Our son was right at home throughout the treatment, and felt that the environment was actually fun

24-Hour Residential

Despite the name, Learn 2 Learn Eating Disorder Clinic is very much like a home, and the facility is designed to over 24-hour residential feeding disorder treatment. This makes for a healthier atmosphere, and it also makes children feel more at ease. Hospital settings can be very intimidating, and can be a serious impediment to progressing with correcting negative behaviours.

Teaching new behaviours requires us to instill positive emotions associated with those behaviors, and thus we have a facility that provides comfort and privacy not found in a traditional hospital setting. Those who require 24-hour residential feeding disorder treatment still receive constant monitoring, and this programme provides some extra support. This is especially true of anyone who is just beginning the re-feeding process.

This kind of 24-hour residential feeding disorder treatment helps children to become more confident and comfortable with the idea of eating. Using behaviour analysis techniques let's us track their progress, which is vital to understand how different children respond to different therapies.

While different children will have different goals, there are certainly metrics we can use to track improvement in behaviour. As with all of our other behaviour analysis techniques, we will naturally want to include parents and loved ones as much as possible throughout the entire treatment period.

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